3M SecureFit Hard Hat H-700 Series

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  • Suspension system that self-adjusts to the wearer.
  • Comfortable fit and secure hard hat option.
  • Reduces pressure on head with the help of smooth easy turning ratchet suspension system.
  • Works with various 3M face shields, earmuffs, and other accessories.


The 3M SecureFit Hard Hat h-700 series boasts a suspension system that incorporates a proprietary patented technology known as Pressure Diffusion Technology. This cutting-edge system helps distribute pressure evenly across the head, resulting in a comfortable and secure fit. The ratchet suspension is designed to turn smoothly and effortlessly, and is positioned low on the head to minimize pressure and discomfort.

Moreover, the 3M SecureFit Hard Hat H-700 series is highly versatile and compatible with a range of 3M accessories, including earmuffs, face shields, and other similar equipment, making it an ideal solution for workers across various industries.

It offers extensive range of customization options through its multiple levels of height and head-shape adjustments, affording the user the capacity to precisely calibrate their hard hat to achieve maximal comfort and safety. These hard hats highly versatile design is compatible with various 3M accessories, thus further expanding its potential applications across a diverse range of professional settings.

The 3M H700 hard hat is a premium-quality headgear that provides dependable protection to the wearer in a broad spectrum of industries and work settings. Its sleek, low-profile design is available in various colour option to suit diverse preference.

Crafted with the high-density polyethylene, the shell of the 3M H700 hard hat is light weight yet robust, providing superior resistance to impact and penetration. Moreover, the hard hat boasts a UV resistant finish that effectively safeguards against the harmful effects of sun exposure.

Notably, the 3M H700 hard hat is equipped with a comfortable 4-point ratchet suspension system, which permits effortless adjustments and ensures a secure fit. The suspension system serves to absorb and distribute impact energy, thereby mitigating the risk of head injury.

In terms of safety standards, the 3M H700 hard hat meets the stringent ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 2014 Type I, Class C, G, and E criteria and is also complaint with the CSA and certified to the requirements of the Canadian Standards Association.

You can customize the 3M H700 hard hat by adding logos or graphics to make it unique. It also works with accessories like face shields, ear muffs, and visors that offer extra protection in dangerous situations.


Brand – SecureFit™
Case Quantity – 20
Colour – Family Beige, Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow
Electrical Class – C, E, G
Features – Pressure Diffusion Technology, UV Indicator
Hard Hat Type – Type I
Product Colour – Black, Blue, Gray, Green, High-visibility Orange, High-visibility Yellow, Navy, Orange, Pink, Red, Tan, White, Yellow
Product Type – Cap Style Hard Hat
Shell Material – HDPE
Specifications Met – ANSI Z87.1
Suspension Type – 4 Point Ratchet
Vented – No, yes


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