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Mach 1 Earmuff


ECONOMICAL DESIGN Provides adequate protection at a low cost. LIGHTWEIGHT Extremely lightweight construction provides for all-day comfort. DIELECTIRC CONSTRUCTION Suitable for all workplaces, especially electrical environments.


The Mach 1 is an economical choice for basic hearing protection in short-term work situations. Mach 1’s adjustable headband fits any head size, while its super-lightweight dielectric construction provides adequate protection.

SNR – 24 dB

The MACH 1 Earmuff MAC is a premium hearing protection device specifically engineered to mitigate noise exposure in diverse industrial environments. Its sturdy construction ensures reliable defense against high levels of noise.

These earmuffs are equipped with soft, foam-filled cushions that afford a comfortable fit, even during prolonged usage. Furthermore, their adjustable headband accommodates a wide range of head sizes and shapes, ensuring a secure fit that minimizes the risk of slippage or displacement.

Boasting a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 29 decibels, the MACH 1 Earmuff MAC excels in environments characterized by elevated noise levels, rendering it an excellent choice for such settings. Additionally, its durability and longevity have been carefully considered to provide dependable protection throughout extended periods of use.

The earmuffs have a foldable design that makes them easy to store and transport, without taking up too much space. This design also ensures that they are always readily available when needed, reducing the risk of workers being exposed to noise without proper protection.

The MACH 1 Earmuff MAC is an excellent choice for workers in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, construction, and transportation. They provide effective noise reduction, comfort, and durability in a high-quality package, with the added benefit of a foldable construction that makes them easy to wear and store.


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