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Proguard Cotton Gloves, available in natural and bleach white poly-cotton, are crafted with a 10-gauge construction. These gloves come in three sizes: 10.5″, 10″, and 9″, providing options to accommodate different hand sizes.

The natural and bleach white color options offer versatility for various applications. The 10-gauge design strikes a balance between comfort and durability, making these gloves suitable for a range of tasks.

With sizes ranging from 9″ to 10.5″, Proguard Cotton Gloves ensure a secure and comfortable fit for users with different hand sizes. Whether used in general labor, assembly work, or tasks requiring tactile sensitivity, these gloves exemplify a commitment to providing reliable hand protection with a focus on comfort and usability in diverse work environments.

GLOVESColour: Natural & Bleach White Poly Cotton, 10 Guage Size: 10.5″, 10″, 9″


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