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The Pollsorb Chemical Spill Kit PSSK60C is an indispensable solution for effective and immediate response to chemical spills in professional environments. This meticulously designed spill kit is equipped with high-quality absorbents, containment tools, and personal protective equipment to ensure a comprehensive and swift response to hazardous substance incidents.

Crafted with precision, the PSSK60C spill kit includes absorbent pads, socks, and pillows made from specialized materials capable of quickly and efficiently containing and neutralizing a wide range of chemical spills. The kit’s ergonomic design facilitates easy deployment, allowing responders to promptly address spills and minimize potential environmental and safety risks.

With its robust construction and compliance with industry standards, the Pollsorb Chemical Spill Kit exemplifies a commitment to workplace safety and environmental stewardship. Suitable for a variety of professional settings, this spill kit is an essential component of any comprehensive risk management strategy, providing peace of mind and ensuring a rapid and effective response to chemical spills. Trust in Pollsorb for a reliable and compliant solution that prioritizes safety and environmental responsibility.

Absorbency: 60 Litres.

Suitable for absorbing a wide range of liquids, including acids, caustics, and almost any other liquid, making it ideal for situations where the nature of the liquid is uncertain.

Spill response kit includes a bin with a lid, allowing for the containment and transport of contaminated waste for treatment or disposal.

The small container is easily portable, facilitating transportation to different locations.

Contents of the spill response kit:

Chemical Absorbent Pads: 30

Chemical Absorbent Socks: 2

Chemical Absorbent Pillows: 2

Disposable Bags and Ties: 1

Safety Goggles: 1

Warning Tape: 1

Pan with Broom: 1

Yellow Bin with Pedal: 1


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