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The Romold Drum Spill Pallet BP4L is an essential containment solution designed for the secure and compliant storage of drums and hazardous materials. Crafted with precision, this spill pallet features a robust construction and a seamless sump design to prevent leakage, ensuring environmental safety and regulatory compliance. The pallet’s ergonomic design facilitates easy handling and maneuverability, providing a practical solution for drum storage in industrial settings.

Constructed from high-quality materials, the Romold Drum Spill Pallet BP4L offers durability and chemical resistance, making it suitable for a variety of industries where the safe containment of hazardous substances is paramount. With its innovative design, this spill pallet exemplifies a commitment to workplace safety and environmental responsibility, providing a reliable and compliant solution for the secure storage of drums and chemicals.

  • Constructed from medium density polyethylene for durability and chemical compatibility.
  • Sump pallet designed to be low to the ground while meeting UK Oil Storage Regulations for sump capacities.
  • Features an injection-molded removable plastic mesh deck for convenient cleaning and maintenance.
  • Made from 100% polyethylene for optimal chemical compatibility.
  • UV stabilized to withstand exposure to sunlight and outdoor conditions.

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