SATA, 1/2″ Drive Air Impact Wrench 625 Nm

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The SATA 1/2″ Drive Air Impact Wrench, boasting a robust 625 Nm (Newton-meter) of torque, is a powerful and versatile tool designed for heavy-duty fastening and loosening tasks. Ideal for automotive mechanics, industrial technicians, and construction professionals, this impact wrench offers exceptional performance, precision, and durability.

With its 1/2″ drive size, this air impact wrench provides versatility for working with various fasteners and components, making it suitable for applications such as automotive repair, machinery maintenance, and construction projects.

Operating on compressed air, this impact wrench delivers consistent and reliable power without the need for electricity, ensuring uninterrupted performance throughout extended use. Its variable speed trigger allows for precise control over the tightening and loosening process, preventing over-torquing and damage to fasteners.

Crafted with durability in mind, the impact wrench features a rugged construction with integrated protective features to enhance longevity and reliability. Additionally, its ergonomic design and comfortable grip provide users with enhanced control and reduced fatigue during prolonged use, improving productivity and efficiency.


Torque: The impact wrench delivers a torque of 625 Nm, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications.
Compact Design: With a total length of 12.5 cm, this pneumatic wrench is designed to be compact and easy to handle.
High Speed and Impact Frequency: The wrench operates at a high speed and has a high impact frequency, enabling efficient and quick fastening or loosening of bolts and nuts.
Net Weight: The impact wrench weighs 1.5 kg, providing a balance between power and portability.
Durable Construction: Built to withstand demanding tasks, this impact wrench is designed with durability in mind.
Easy to Use: The compact size and ergonomic design make this wrench comfortable to use, even in tight spaces.
Versatile Application: Suitable for various automotive, industrial, and construction tasks that require high torque output.

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Weight – 1.5 kg


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