DeWALT, Industrial Heat Gun 2000W

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The DeWALT Industrial Heat Gun, featuring a robust 2000W motor, is a powerhouse tool designed for demanding heating applications in industrial settings. Crafted to meet the rigorous needs of professionals, this heat gun offers exceptional performance, precision, and durability.

With its high wattage, this industrial-grade heat gun provides rapid and efficient heating, making it ideal for a wide array of tasks including paint stripping, thawing pipes, welding plastics, and more. Its variable temperature control enables precise adjustments to suit different materials and applications, ensuring optimal results every time.

Built to withstand harsh job site conditions, the heat gun boasts a rugged construction with integrated protective features to enhance longevity and reliability. Additionally, its ergonomic design and comfortable grip provide users with enhanced control and reduced fatigue during prolonged use, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Equipped with various nozzle attachments, this heat gun offers versatility for tackling a diverse range of heating tasks with ease. Whether you’re working in construction, automotive repair, or industrial maintenance, the DeWALT Industrial Heat Gun delivers consistent and reliable performance to get the job done right.

  • 2000W Digital LED HEATGUN
  • 2000W Digital LED HEATGUN
  • Heatgun

Additional information:

Weight – 1.52 kg

Dimensions – 27.9 × 27.6 × 9 cm

Power Source – Electricity

Round PER Minuties (RPM)


Origin – CHINA

BarCode – 5035048290101

Shield Insurance – N

Demo – Y

DeWALT presents an Industrial Heat Gun designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial applications. With a robust power output of 2000 watts, this heat gun offers exceptional performance and reliability. The inclusion of a variable temperature control feature empowers users to precisely adjust the heat output to suit their specific tasks, ensuring optimal results. Furthermore, the heat gun incorporates a built-in overload protection system, prioritizing both the longevity of the tool and the safety of the user. This intelligent system prevents any potential damage caused by excessive heat or electrical currents.

Ideal for heavy-duty applications in industrial settings, such as paint stripping, soldering, and plastic welding, the DeWALT Industrial Heat Gun demonstrates its versatility and durability. Its ergonomic design includes a soft-grip handle, providing enhanced comfort and reducing fatigue during extended periods of use. By prioritizing performance, safety, and user experience, DeWALT has created an indispensable tool that meets the rigorous demands of professionals operating in industrial environments.


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