DeWALT, Jig Saw Top Handle 701W

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The DeWALT Top Handle Jigsaw, equipped with a robust 701W motor, stands as a formidable and versatile instrument ideal for intricate cuts and curved profiles in an array of materials including wood, metal, and plastics. The top handle design not only enhances comfort but also affords precise command over the tool’s movements.

This jigsaw boasts variable speed control, empowering users to fine-tune cutting speeds to harmonize with the material at hand. Its tool-free blade change system simplifies and expedites the blade replacement process, while the adjustable shoe ensures continuous blade contact with the material, thereby elevating both accuracy and control.

Furthermore, the jigsaw includes a dust blower mechanism to maintain a clear and unobstructed cutting line, enhancing visibility. To illuminate the cutting area, an integrated LED light has been thoughtfully integrated, ensuring optimal visibility for meticulous work.


Exceptional Performance Jigsaw: This top-handle jigsaw operates at 240V and boasts a remarkable performance level.

Effortless Blade Changes: Featuring a patented keyless blade change system, it readily accepts T-shank blades, making swapping blades a breeze.

Consistent Speed Control: The full-wave electronic speed control with feedback guarantees that the blade speed remains consistent under any load, ensuring a uniform finish on various materials.

Hassle-Free Maintenance: Designed with a modular component structure, this jigsaw is easy to service, reducing downtime and upkeep challenges.

Robust 701-Watt Motor: Powered by a 701-watt motor with variable speed, this tool delivers rapid cutting action, achieving up to 3100 strokes per minute.

Clear Line of Cut: A switchable dust blower keeps the cutting path free of chips, enhancing visibility and precision.

Flush Cutting Capabilities: Compatible with the DEWALT flush cutting blade DT2074, enabling precise edge-to-edge cuts.

Blade Control: The tapered saw blade roller helps manage blade deflection at maximum cutting depth, ensuring accuracy.

Smooth Start: Soft start functionality ensures an accurate and controlled start to your cuts.

Adjustable Shoe: The tool-free adjustable shoe includes an anti-scratch cover and can be beveled to 45 degrees in both directions.

Versatile Cutting Options: With a 4-position pendulum action, you can fine-tune the aggressiveness or smoothness of your cuts to suit your needs.

Vibration Reduction: Benefit from a patented anti-vibration counterbalance mechanism and a rubber grip, ensuring smooth and comfortable operation.


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