DeWALT, 1100 W Reciprocating Saw – 220V

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Sound Power Uncertainty: 3 dB(A)

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Weight – 5.17 kg

Dimensions – 0.51 × 0.27 × 0.115 cm

Power Source – Electricity


Origin – MEXICO

BarCode – 5035048554234

Shield Insurance – N

Demo – Y

The DeWALT 1100W Reciprocating Saw stands as a robust cutting instrument meticulously crafted for heavy-duty cutting tasks in diverse industries, including construction and demolition. Anchored by a commanding 1100W motor and boasting a maximum stroke rate of 2800 strokes per minute, it’s well-equipped to slice through an extensive range of materials, encompassing wood, metal, and plastic.

At its core, the reciprocating saw embraces a keyless blade clamp system, a feature that streamlines blade changes without necessitating additional tools, thus optimizing efficiency. Precision is upheld through an adjustable shoe, a vital element enhancing control and stability during the cutting process. This feature proves especially valuable for professionals undertaking demanding cutting tasks.

The tool further accentuates adaptability through its variable speed trigger, offering users the flexibility to tailor the cutting speed to the unique requirements of their application. Furthermore, an ergonomic design prioritizes user comfort, translating to a secure grip that significantly diminishes fatigue during prolonged use.

The reciprocating saw also incorporates a pivoting shoe, which not only enhances cutting accuracy but also extends the blade’s lifespan, a notable advantage for professionals seeking longevity from their tools. Moreover, the tool features a dust management system, effectively containing and minimizing debris, ensuring a cleaner work area and facilitating easier cleanup.

Safety is paramount, with the inclusion of a safety lock-off switch, a mechanism that effectively prevents accidental start-ups, enhancing user protection.

In summary, the DeWALT 1100W Reciprocating Saw embodies reliability and versatility, serving as an ideal choice for heavy-duty cutting tasks in construction and various industries. Its design and features are engineered to deliver consistent high-performance results, even in challenging working conditions, exemplifying DeWALT’s commitment to excellence.


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