DeWALT, 18V Lithium-Ion 13mm Hammer Drill/Driver

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Introducing the DeWALT 18V Lithium-Ion 13mm Hammer Drill/Driver, a powerful and versatile tool designed to meet the demands of professional users. This innovative drill/driver combines the reliability of DeWALT engineering with the latest lithium-ion battery technology, delivering unparalleled performance on the job site.

With a robust 13mm keyless chuck, this drill accommodates a wide range of drill bits for enhanced flexibility in various applications. The integrated hammer function adds another layer of utility, allowing users to effortlessly tackle masonry and concrete surfaces. The 18V lithium-ion battery not only provides ample power but also ensures extended runtime, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Equipped with a high-performance motor, this drill offers impressive speed and torque for efficient drilling and driving. The ergonomic design and comfortable grip enhance user comfort during prolonged use, while the compact and lightweight construction ensures maneuverability in tight spaces.

Whether you are a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, the DeWALT 18V Lithium-Ion 13mm Hammer Drill/Driver is a reliable and durable choice for all your drilling and driving needs. Invest in the excellence of DeWALT tools and experience the difference on your next project.

  • The Dewalt 18V Lithium-Ion 13mm Hammer Drill/Driver (Model Number: DCD776C2) is a versatile and powerful tool designed for both drilling and driving applications.
  • This cordless drill is powered by two 18V lithium-ion batteries, providing ample power and freedom of movement without the constraints of a cord.
  • With a keyless chuck, the drill enables quick and easy bit changes without the need for additional tools.
  • The 13mm chuck size allows for a wide range of drill bit options, accommodating various drilling needs.
  • The drill operates at a speed of 1200 revolutions per minute (RPM), allowing for efficient and precise drilling and driving.
  • The reverse function provides added convenience and flexibility, enabling you to easily remove screws or back out drill bits.
  • Being cordless, this drill offers the freedom to work without the limitations of a power cord, providing greater maneuverability and accessibility.
  • The 18-volt voltage ensures sufficient power for a range of drilling and driving tasks.
  • The adjustable speed feature allows you to customize the drilling or driving speed according to the specific application and material.
  • With a power rating of 1.5 Amp, this drill offers reliable and consistent performance.
  • The hammer functionality adds versatility, allowing you to tackle tough materials such as masonry and concrete with ease.
  • The screw functionality enables efficient and precise screwdriving, making it ideal for various fastening applications.
  • This hammer drill is designed with durability in mind, ensuring it can withstand demanding job site conditions.
  • The Dewalt brand is known for its quality and reliability, providing you with a tool you can trust to get the job done effectively.

Additional information

Weight – 4.607 kg

Dimensions – 43.5 × 35.5 × 12 cm

Power Source – Battery


Origin – CHINA

BarCode – 5035048479940

Shield Insurance – N

Demo – Y


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