DeWALT, Electrical Impact Wrench 3/4”

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The DeWALT Electrical Impact Wrench, featuring a robust 3/4″ drive, is a high-powered tool designed for heavy-duty fastening and loosening tasks. Engineered for professional mechanics, technicians, and industrial applications, this impact wrench delivers exceptional performance, precision, and durability.

With its 3/4″ drive size, this electrical impact wrench offers versatility for working with larger fasteners and components, making it ideal for applications such as automotive repair, construction, and equipment maintenance where substantial torque is required.

Powered by electricity, this impact wrench ensures consistent torque output without the need for batteries, ensuring reliable performance throughout extended use. Its variable speed trigger provides precise control over the tightening and loosening process, preventing over-torquing and damage to fasteners.

Built to withstand tough job site conditions, the impact wrench boasts a rugged construction with integrated protective features to enhance longevity and reliability. Additionally, its ergonomic design and comfortable grip provide users with enhanced control and reduced fatigue during prolonged use, improving productivity and efficiency.

  • Powerful 3/4″ Impact Wrench
  • Voltage rating: 240V
  • Soft grip handle for reduced vibrations and enhanced user comfort
  • Robust 3/4″ anvil for secure fastening
  • Delivers 440 Nm of torque in both forward and reverse directions
  • Compact and lightweight design to minimize user fatigue
  • Robust construction for increased durability
  • Suitable for heavy-duty fastening applications
  • Ideal for professionals seeking a reliable and high-quality tool

Additional information:

Weight – 4.09 kg

Dimensions – 33.5 × 12.2 × 27.5 cm

Power Source – Electricity

Round PER Minuties (RPM)


Origin – MEXICO

BarCode – 5035048136355

Shield Insurance – N

Demo – Y

DeWALT presents the DCF898P2 20V MAX XR Brushless High Torque 3/4″ Impact Wrench Kit, a superior offering designed for optimal performance. This comprehensive kit incorporates advanced features such as a brushless motor, enabling efficient power delivery and extended tool life. With an impressive maximum torque output of up to 700 ft-lbs, this impact wrench effortlessly tackles demanding fastening tasks.

The kit includes two 20V MAX 5.0Ah batteries, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply during extended use. Additionally, it features a charger for convenient battery recharging and a kit box for secure storage and easy transportation of the tool and accessories.

Overall, the DCF898P2 20V MAX XR Brushless High Torque 3/4″ Impact Wrench Kit by DeWALT represents a professional-grade solution, combining cutting-edge technology, remarkable torque capabilities, and essential accessories to meet the needs of discerning users.


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