Makita M8100KSPG Impact Drill For Masonary , Steel, Wood, Drill chuck 13mm (1/2 inch), 710W, 0-3200rpm, 2.1kg

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The Makita MT M8100KSPG Hammer Drill is designed with double insulation for safety.

It offers a reversing feature and variable speed control for versatile drilling and fastening.

The drill is equipped with a rubberized soft grip, ensuring a comfortable and secure hold during operation.

With a compact and lightweight design, it minimizes operator fatigue during extended use.

The drill has a power rating of 710W, providing sufficient power for various applications.

It can drill into concrete with a capacity of up to 16mm, metal up to 13mm, and wood up to 30mm.

The drill’s impact rate ranges from 0 to 48,000 impacts per minute.

It offers variable rotations per minute from 0 to 3,200, allowing precise control.

The drill is lightweight, weighing 2.1 kg, making it easy to handle and transport.


Model: M8100KSPG

Power: 710W


Concrete: 16mm

Metal: 13mm

Wood: 30mm

Impacts per Minute: 0 – 48,000

Rotations per Minute: 0 – 3,200

Weight: 2.1 kg

Voltage: 220V

Khusheim Code: 01-90-109G

Khusheim ID: 2277437


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