DeWALT, Bench Grinder 6”

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The DeWALT 6″ Bench Grinder is a reliable and versatile tool designed for precision sharpening, grinding, and shaping tasks. This compact yet powerful grinder is suitable for both professional workshops and home garages, offering exceptional performance and durability.

Featuring a 6″ grinding wheel diameter, this bench grinder provides ample surface area for various grinding applications, including sharpening blades, shaping metal, and removing rust or paint. Its compact size makes it suitable for smaller workspaces while still offering sufficient power and functionality.

Equipped with a high-performance motor, this bench grinder delivers consistent power and speed for efficient grinding and sharpening operations. The adjustable tool rests and eye shields enhance safety and precision, allowing users to achieve accurate results with ease.

The grinder’s rugged construction ensures durability and long-term reliability, making it suitable for daily use in demanding environments. Additionally, its compact design and stable base provide stability during operation, reducing vibrations and enhancing user control.


The Dewalt Bench Grinder (Model: DW752R-B5) is equipped with a powerful engine, delivering maximum power and torque for various applications.
It features a 152 mm wheel with coarse and medium grain options, allowing for effective smoothing and polishing tasks.
The grinder includes a metallic support and precision machinery, providing enhanced control by securely holding the worked-on parts.
User safety is prioritized with adjustable eye protection, offering protection against sparks and fragments.
Brand: Dewalt
Power Tool Type: Grinders
Model Number: DW752R-B5
Color: Multi Color
Power Source: Cordless Electric
Power Input: 373 Watts
Power Output: 300 Watts
No Load Speed: 3450 rpm
Wheel Diameter: 152 mm
Size: 310 x 215 mm
Weight: 13.8 kg

Additional information:

Weight – 11.3 kg
Dimensions – 36.2 × 20.4 × 23.9 cm
Power Source – Electricity
Origin – CHINA
BarCode – 5035048451342
Shield Insurance – N
Demo – Y
The DeWALT Bench Grinder 6 is a stationary grinding machine designed to be mounted on a workbench or other support structure. It features a 6-inch grinding wheel and is designed for sharpening and shaping metal tools and parts. The grinder has a powerful motor and adjustable tool rests for precision grinding. It also includes a dust collection port to minimize the amount of debris created during operation.


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