Makita CL183DZ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Dust Bag Capacity 600 mL, 18V, Suction Power 17 W, Max Suction 2.6 kPA, 1.2kg

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The Low Noise Vacuum is designed for quiet cleaning operations in job sites, making it suitable for noise-sensitive environments.

It features a compact and lightweight design, allowing for easy maneuverability and storage.

Despite its small size, the vacuum offers strong suction power for quick clean-ups.

The increased storage capacity of the vacuum allows for longer intervals between waste disposal, improving overall efficiency.

It employs a bagless 2-stage cloth filtration system, making cleaning and maintenance more convenient.

Both the filter and pre-filter are washable in soapy water, enabling repeated use and cost savings.

The vacuum includes a sash nozzle for cleaning corners and crevices in cars or furniture.

An angled suction port is designed for easy floor cleaning without the need for a floor nozzle.

This versatile vacuum can be used in various settings, such as shops, offices, hospitals, airports, planes, stations, trains, and homes.

The standard equipment includes a floor T-nozzle, sash nozzle, sash nozzle holder, pipe, filter, and pre-filter.

It has a 600 mL capacity and offers 24 minutes of continuous use per charge.

The vacuum provides a maximum air flow of 1.3 m³/min and has a maximum sealed suction of 2.6 kPa.

Its dimensions are 966 mm (length) x 102 mm (width) x 148 mm (height).

The vacuum has a net weight of 1.1 kg, making it lightweight and easy to handle.


Capacity: 600 mL

Continuous Use (min.): 24

Max Air Flow: 1.3 m³/min

Max Sealed Suction (Water Column): 2.6 kPa

Dimensions (L x W x H): 966 x 102 x 148 mm

Net Weight: 1.1 kg


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