DeWALT, Sds + Rotary Hammer Kit 32 mm – 110V

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The DeWALT SDS+ Rotary Hammer Kit, boasting a 32mm capacity and designed for use with a 110V power supply, is a versatile and robust tool engineered for drilling and chiseling tasks in formidable materials like concrete and masonry. Equipped with a formidable 1050W motor and a maximum impact energy of 4.2 Joules, it’s a well-rounded choice suitable for a wide array of applications.

This rotary hammer drill stands out with its SDS+ chuck system, ensuring swift and hassle-free bit changes. It also emphasizes precision, thanks to the presence of an adjustable depth stop, granting meticulous control over drilling depth.

To enhance user experience, the tool incorporates a vibration control system, purposefully designed to reduce operator fatigue and bolster control, especially during prolonged usage.

Adaptability is a key theme here, with electronic speed and impact energy control features enabling users to fine-tune the settings to match the specific demands of their task. Additionally, the tool integrates a dust management system, effectively containing and minimizing debris, resulting in a cleaner work area and reduced cleanup efforts.

The kit’s completeness is a distinct advantage, as it includes various essential accessories such as a depth stop, side handle, and a convenient carrying case, making it well-suited for efficient and convenient use on the job site.

In summary, the DeWALT SDS+ Rotary Hammer Kit 32 mm – 110V stands as a powerful and dependable tool, designed to tackle a wide range of drilling and chiseling applications. Its emphasis on durability and performance makes it an excellent choice for professionals in the construction and related industries, embodying DeWALT’s commitment to excellence.

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Power Input – 15382

Shield Insurance – N

Demo – Y


Power Source – Electricity


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