Blue Clean M143 High Pressure Cleaner 220 volts 1 phase 60hz,120 bar,Max flow 390(liter/hour) ,power 1.5kw, 7kg

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The High Pressure Cleaner operates at 220V, 1PH, and 60Hz, with a maximum pressure of 120 Bar, making it an effective tool for various cleaning tasks.

It features a built-in motor thermal protector for safety and longevity.

The cleaner is equipped with an electric cable that is 5 meters long, providing flexibility and reach during operation.

It comes with rubber wheels for easy mobility and maneuverability, ensuring you can move it to different cleaning locations with ease.

The automatic by-pass valve with pump head pressure discharge is a valuable feature that enhances the cleaner’s performance.

An integrated accessories holder keeps all your cleaning tools organized and within reach for added convenience.

The cleaner has a maximum rated flow of 390 liters per hour (L/H) and a rated flow of 300 L/H, delivering efficient cleaning power.

It can handle a maximum water inlet temperature of 50°C.

The pump material is made of aluminum, ensuring durability and corrosion resistance.

The cleaner features an auto start/stop function for energy efficiency and ease of use.

It is powered by a universal motor with a size of 1500W/2HP, and the motor winding is made of copper for reliability.

The cleaner operates at 220V with a frequency of 60Hz.

It comes with a plastic spray gun, a 5-meter textile hose for flexibility, and an adjustable spray nozzle for customized cleaning.

The cleaner also includes a rotary lance and a foam sprayer for versatile cleaning options.

It does not have a hose reel, fix brush, rotary brush, or internal detergent compartment.

The cleaner weighs 5 kg, making it manageable and easy to transport to different cleaning locations.


Max Pressure (Bar): 120

Working Pressure (Bar): 80

Max Rated Flow (L/H): 390

Rated Flow (L/H): 300

Max Water Inlet Temperature (°C): 50°

Pump Material: Aluminum

Auto Start/Stop: Yes

Motor Type: Universal

Motor Size (W/HP): 1500

Motor Winding Material: Copper

Voltages/Frequency: 220V/60Hz

Type of Gun: Plastic

Hose Length (m): 5

Hose Material (Textile/Steel Armed): Textile

Hose Reel: No

Adjustable Spray Nozzle: Yes

Rotary Lance: Yes

Fixed Brush: No

Rotary Brush: No

Foam Sprayer: Yes

Internal Detergent: No

Weight: 5 kg


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