DeWALT, Wet Table Tile Saw

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The DeWALT Wet Table Tile Saw stands as a versatile and potent cutting tool, meticulously engineered for precision cutting and shaping of materials like tiles and marble in the realm of construction and home improvement projects. Featuring a 10-inch diamond blade, this tool excels in delivering both precision and speed in the cutting process.

At its core, the tile saw boasts a robust 1.5 horsepower motor, ensuring consistently smooth cutting performance, an essential attribute for achieving high-quality results. The adjustable water nozzle adds another layer of functionality, effectively regulating the blade’s temperature, preventing overheating, and extending its lifespan. Additionally, the removable cutting cart simplifies maintenance and cleaning tasks, optimizing the saw’s lifespan and performance.

Ergonomics and user comfort are central to the design, with a user-friendly grip that significantly reduces fatigue during prolonged usage. The inclusion of an adjustable cutting guide enables precise and replicable cuts, critical for projects requiring a high level of accuracy.

The tile saw goes above and beyond by featuring a built-in water pump, essential for maintaining a clean and debris-free work area. Furthermore, a safety lock-off switch is in place to prevent accidental start-ups, underlining the tool’s commitment to user safety.

In summary, the DeWALT Wet Table Tile Saw embodies reliability and efficiency, serving as an indispensable cutting tool for achieving precise and consistent results in construction and home improvement projects. Its design and features are meticulously calibrated to endure the challenges of demanding working conditions while delivering top-notch cutting performance.

Additional information

Weight – 55.9 kg

Dimensions – 91.2 × 75.5 × 60.5 cm

Power Source – Electricity


Origin – CHINA

BarCode – 5035048261477

Shield Insurance – N

Demo – Y


  • Powerful 1.5 horsepower motor for efficient cutting through various tile materials
  • Large cutting capacity, capable of cutting tiles up to 24 inches in length and 18 inches diagonally
  • Adjustable rip fence with miter gauge for precise and accurate cuts
  • Stainless steel rail system ensures smooth and precise sliding of the cutting head
  • Removable cutting cart for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Dual water nozzles for optimal water distribution and blade cooling
  • Over-sized water tray with drain plug for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Onboard storage for keeping tools and accessories organized and within reach
  • Locking side water tray prevents spills and ensures a tidy workspace
  • Rubber feet provide stability and minimize vibrations during operation
  • Compatible with various DeWALT accessories for enhanced functionality and versatility

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