DeWALT, 24mm Sds + Hammer 3-Mode 780W – 110 V

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The DeWALT 24mm SDS+ Hammer, featuring a 780W motor and operating at 110 volts, is a versatile and powerful tool designed for a variety of drilling applications. Whether you’re a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, this hammer offers exceptional performance and reliability.

With its 24mm SDS+ chuck, this hammer can tackle a range of drilling tasks with ease, from drilling holes in concrete and masonry to chiseling and light demolition work. The three-mode operation allows you to switch between rotary drilling, rotary hammering, and chiseling modes, providing flexibility for different tasks and materials.

Equipped with a powerful 780W motor, this hammer delivers efficient drilling performance, making quick work of tough materials. Its compact and ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling, while the integrated vibration control reduces user fatigue during prolonged use.

Built to withstand the rigors of job site environments, this hammer features a durable construction with protective features to enhance longevity. Additionally, the 110V power supply ensures consistent and reliable operation, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.


Size: This tool has a drilling capacity of up to 24 mm (about 15/16 inches) of concrete, making it suitable for a variety of drilling tasks.

SDS+ Chuck: The SDS+ chuck is a quick and efficient mechanism for changing drill bits and chisels. It provides a secure grip on the tool attachments.

Hammer Function: This hammer drill offers three modes of operation – drilling, hammer drilling, and chiseling. The hammer mode is particularly useful for drilling into hard materials like concrete, as it provides a pulsating action to break through tough surfaces.

780W Motor: The 780-watt motor delivers sufficient power to handle demanding drilling and chiseling tasks.

110V Voltage: This particular demonstrate is outlined to function on a 110-volt electrical system. It is important to create beyond any doubt you have got the proper control supply or connector when utilizing this instrument.

DEWALT Brand: DEWALT may be a well-known brand within the control instrument industry, known for creating solid and dependable devices.

Extra Highlights: Depending on the particular show, it may have extra highlights such as variable speed settings, anti-vibration innovation and ergonomic handles for long-lasting consolation.

It is vital to take after safety guidelines and utilize suitable individual defensive gear such as security glasses and hearing security when utilizing this device, as control devices can produce commotion and flotsam and jetsam. In expansion, continuously utilize the right sort and measure of penetrate bits or chisels for the expecting errand and make beyond any doubt the instrument is working some time recently utilize.


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