DeWALT, Sds Max Light Demo-Hammer 7Kg – 110V

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The DeWALT SDS Max Light Demo-Hammer, weighing 7 kilograms and designed for 110V applications, emerges as a robust and versatile tool engineered for demolition tasks, primarily aimed at breaking up challenging materials like concrete and masonry. Bolstered by a potent 1050W motor and boasting a maximum impact energy of 7.1 Joules, it proves its mettle in heavy-duty applications.

A standout feature here is the incorporation of the SDS Max chuck system, a crucial element ensuring rapid and uncomplicated bit changes, thus facilitating swift transitions between tasks. Precision remains paramount, thanks to an adjustable depth stop that furnishes meticulous control over drilling depth.

Enhanced user experience is a core focus, with the tool incorporating a vibration control system, a strategic measure for reducing user fatigue and amplifying control, particularly during prolonged usage. This ergonomic feature is especially valuable for professionals tackling extensive demolition projects.

Adaptability is a defining trait, with electronic speed and impact energy control features, allowing users to calibrate these parameters to align with the unique demands of their task. Furthermore, a dust management system plays a pivotal role in maintaining a cleaner work area by effectively containing and minimizing debris, thereby streamlining cleanup efforts.

The lightweight design of the demo-hammer facilitates easy handling and maneuvering, even in confined spaces, while the ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, thus reducing user fatigue during extended operation. Safety remains a paramount concern, and the tool is equipped with a safety clutch mechanism, which not only safeguards the tool but, most importantly, ensures user safety in the event of a bit jam or overload, mitigating potential accidents.

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Power Input – 0

Shield Insurance – N

Demo – Y


Power Source – Electricity


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