DeWALT, Corded Random 5”

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Product Description: 125 RO Sander – DEWALT DWE6423-B5 Random Orbital Sander 125mm

Power Input: 280 Watts

Orbits Per Minute: 7000-12000 Opm

Orbit Size: 2.4 mm

Paper Size: 125 mm

Includes: Fabric Dust Bag with Built-In Extractor Ports

Additional information

Weight – 0.54 kg

Dimensions – 0.001 × 0.001 × 0.001 cm

Power Source – Electricity

Round PER Minuties (RPM) – 8;000 – 12;000 RPM


Origin – CHINA

BarCode – 5035048533192

Shield Insurance – N

Demo – Y

The DeWALT Corded Random 5″ is an exceptionally versatile and potent sanding tool meticulously crafted to excel in various applications, spanning woodworking, metalworking, and more. Its 5-inch sanding pad ensures swift and efficient sanding across a multitude of surfaces.

A standout feature of the DeWALT Corded Random 5″ lies in its variable speed control, which offers the flexibility to tailor the sanding pad’s speed to the precise material and application at hand. This adaptability guarantees a flawless finish, regardless of the task’s nature.

This sanding tool is further bolstered by a high-performance motor, consistently delivering power to the sanding pad, thereby effortlessly handling even the most demanding sanding tasks. Notably, the motor is engineered for optimal cooling, enhancing the tool’s lifespan and averting overheating.

Additionally, the DeWALT Corded Random 5″ boasts a dust-sealed switch, shielding the tool from dust and debris, while its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, reducing user fatigue. A locking dust bag efficiently maintains a clean and debris-free work area.

In essence, the DeWALT Corded Random 5″ stands as a top-tier sanding tool, perfectly adaptable to a multitude of applications. Its variable speed control, high-performance motor, and ergonomic design render it the preferred choice for those seeking a dependable and versatile sanding tool.


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