DeWALT, Circular Saw 235mm – 110 V

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Introducing the 86mm OPP Circular Saw – DeWalt D23700-LX, a high-performance cutting tool designed for precision and durability in various applications.


Voltage: 110 V, 50/60 Hz

Motor: High-power and built for lasting performance

Optimal Balance: Ensures safety and minimizes operator fatigue

Shoe: Robust steel construction for enhanced durability

Stable Block: Engineered to reduce vibrations

Construction: Features a steel base and aluminum guard for added strength

Brand: DeWalt

Power Tool Type: Saws and Cutters

Model Number: D23700-LX

Power Source: Corded Electric

Power Input: 1750 Watts

No Load Speed: 4700 RPM

Blade Diameter: 235 mm

Bore Diameter: 30 mm

Bevel Capacity: 45 degrees

Maximum Depth of Cut at 90 Degrees: 86 mm

Maximum Depth of Cut at 45 Degrees: 62 mm

Length: 430 mm

Height: 290 mm

Weight: 8.20 Kg

This Circular Saw from DeWalt is equipped with a high-power, long-lasting motor, ensuring both efficiency and durability in its operation. Its design emphasizes optimal balance for safe usage and reduced operator fatigue. The inclusion of a robust steel shoe enhances its longevity, while the stable block construction minimizes vibrations.

With a steel base and aluminum guard, this saw is built to withstand the demands of various cutting tasks. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and powerful circular saw for their professional or DIY needs.

Additional information

Power Input – 15382

Shield Insurance – N

Demo – Y


Power Source – Electricity

The DeWALT Circular Saw 235mm – 110V is a robust and enduring cutting instrument, meticulously crafted to excel in diverse woodworking applications. This powerhouse features a 235mm blade, guaranteeing impeccable precision and accuracy, making it a worthy companion for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

At its core, the DeWALT Circular Saw shines with its formidable 110V motor, delivering unwavering and consistent power to the blade. This capability ensures that the saw can effortlessly slice through even the toughest materials with ease.

One of its standout features is the adjustable bevel, providing the flexibility for angled cuts up to 57 degrees. This adaptability renders it perfect for a wide array of cutting tasks, spanning from crosscuts to rip cuts and all that lies in between.

The DeWALT Circular Saw also boasts a built-in dust blower, keeping the workspace pristine and free of debris. Additionally, the inclusion of a rip fence ensures accuracy and consistency in each cut.

In summary, the DeWALT Circular Saw 235mm – 110V is a premium-grade cutting tool well-suited for various woodworking applications. With its potent motor, exceptional precision, and user-friendly attributes, it emerges as an excellent choice for individuals seeking a reliable and versatile circular saw for their projects, whether they be professional or DIY in nature.


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