DeWALT, Sds Plus Combination Hammer 26mm

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The DeWALT SDS Plus Combination Hammer, boasting a 26mm drilling capacity, exemplifies high-performance in the realm of rotary hammer drills. Designed for medium to heavy-duty applications in challenging materials like concrete, masonry, and hard substances, this tool packs an 800W motor and delivers a maximum impact energy of 2.6 Joules, rendering it exceptionally versatile.

At its core, the SDS Plus chuck system shines, facilitating swift and uncomplicated bit changes, a pivotal feature for seamless transitions between various drilling and chiseling tasks. Precision remains paramount, thanks to an adjustable depth stop that grants meticulous control over drilling depth.

Prioritizing user experience, the tool incorporates a vibration control system, a crucial component in mitigating user fatigue and enhancing control during prolonged usage. This ergonomic focus is especially valuable for professionals tackling extended drilling and chiseling projects.

Flexibility is a defining attribute, as electronic speed and impact energy control features empower users to fine-tune these parameters to align precisely with the demands of their specific task. The tool’s commitment to efficiency extends to its dust management system, effectively containing and minimizing debris, thereby streamlining cleanup efforts.

The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, significantly reducing user fatigue during extended operation. Safety remains paramount, with the inclusion of a safety clutch mechanism that safeguards the tool and, most importantly, ensures user safety in the event of a bit jam or overload, thereby minimizing the potential for accidents.

In summary, the DeWALT SDS Plus Combination Hammer 26mm is a powerful and dependable rotary hammer drill, tailor-made for medium to heavy-duty applications in construction and allied industries. It’s engineered to deliver consistent high-performance results and demonstrate unwavering resilience even in the most demanding working conditions.

Additional information

Weight – 4.7 kg

Dimensions – 0.41 × 0.33 × 0.14 cm

Power Source – Electricity

Round PER Minuties (RPM) – 0-1500 RPM


Origin – CHINA

BarCode – 5035048517703

Shield Insurance – N



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