DeWALT, Compact Circular Saw 184mm Doc 65mm – 110V

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The DeWALT Compact Circular Saw 184mm Doc 65mm – 110V stands as a robust and versatile cutting tool meticulously engineered to excel in a diverse range of woodworking and construction applications. Anchored by a 184mm blade, it exhibits the capacity to effortlessly cut through an array of materials, spanning wood, metal, and plastic.

One of its defining attributes is its compact and lightweight design, facilitating ease of maneuverability and utilization, even within confined spaces. This attribute renders it ideal for a multitude of applications, whether it be cutting plywood, crafting precision cuts in hardwoods, or tackling dense materials.

At the heart of its performance lies a potent motor, guaranteeing consistent and reliable power delivery to the blade. This unwavering power ensures that it can effortlessly slice through the toughest of materials. Moreover, the motor boasts electronic speed control, empowering you to tailor the blade’s speed to suit the specific material being cut.

Further enhancing its utility, the DeWALT Compact Circular Saw includes adjustable bevel and depth settings, enabling angled cuts of up to 45 degrees and depth cuts up to 65mm. Additionally, a built-in dust blower contributes to maintaining a clean and debris-free work area.

In summary, the DeWALT Compact Circular Saw 184mm Doc 65mm – 110V is an exemplar of cutting precision and power. Suited to both woodworking and construction applications, its compact, lightweight design, powerful motor, and precision cutting capabilities render it an exemplary choice for those in pursuit of a dependable and versatile circular saw.

Additional information

Power Input – 110 V

Shield Insurance – N

Demo – Y


Power Source – Electricity


  • 184mm blade diameter and 65mm cutting depth provide versatility for a wide range of cutting applications, including crosscuts, rip cuts, and bevel cuts.
  • Powerful 110V motor delivers ample cutting power for efficient and precise cutting through various materials, including wood, plywood, and MDF.
  • Compact and lightweight design enhances maneuverability and control, making it ideal for use in tight spaces and overhead applications.
  • Bevel capacity of up to 45 degrees allows for bevel cuts, expanding the tool’s versatility for different cutting angles and applications.
  • Integrated dust blower keeps the cutting line clean and visible, improving accuracy and reducing the need for manual cleanup.
  • Depth adjustment mechanism enables quick and easy adjustment of cutting depth for different materials and cutting tasks.
  • Ergonomic handle design with rubber over-mold provides a comfortable and secure grip, reducing user fatigue during extended use.
  • Keyless blade change system allows for quick and tool-free blade changes, saving time and effort during operation.
  • Compatible with a wide range of DeWALT circular saw blades, offering versatility for different cutting materials and applications.
  • Backed by DeWALT’s reputation for durability and reliability, providing peace of mind and confidence in the tool’s performance.

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