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May 22, 2024

The Reasons That Depict Why a Full Body Trappings is Worth Use

Working at heights can be risky and it is very crucial to take adequate precautions. This is to protect yourself from accidental falling and other fatal damages. In such situations, wearing a full-body harness is necessary. In this blog post, we will discuss the reasons that depict why a full-body harness is worth using. This article will help you understand why wearing full body harness can benefit you against accidental falls.

Definition of Full Body Harness

A full-body harness is a special category of personal protective equipment formulated to offer fall protection. The full-body harness is meant for employees who function at height. The full-body harness is created to disemminate the pressure of a fall over the body. A body harness can help the workers avoid fatal injury or even casualties in the occurrence of a fall.

A full-body harness includes two leg straps, two shoulder straps and a chest strap. All these straps are made up of powerful webbing materials which makes a full-body harness the strongest. A full-body harness also consists of a D-ring which makes the harness attached to the fall arrest systems like a lanyard. Below are some common benefits of using a full-body harness.

Additional Protection

The very first advantage of using a full-body harness is additional protection for our body. In the above paragraph, we already have mentioned that a full-body harness includes an attached D-ring. This helps the harness evenly distribute the weight of the human body which prevents the workers from accidentally falling.


The next notable advantage of wearing a full-body harness is great comfort. A full-body harness is a type of PPE that workers use in highly sensitive industrial setups. Working in those hazardous situations is not easy. However, wearing these types of harnesses can help the workers move their bodies freely without any irritation. This freedom of movement allows the workers to get an extra layer of comfort while functioning in hazardous situations.

Better Visibility

Another prominent benefit of using a full-body harness is better visibility. Full-body harnesses are light in colour which makes them visible. The other workers can very easily spot the individual wearing a full-body harness in case of an emergency. A full body harness includes the company name or person’s name which also helps in better identification.

Prevent Falls

The last and final advantage of wearing a full-body harness with a lanyard is its capacity to prevent accidental falls in the first place. This is due to the straps and the D-rings which help in keeping the workers in the right place. In such a manner, there will be fewer chances of accidental falls or slips.


So, these are some crucial facts about using a full-body harness. The harnesses are a very vital PPE for functioning at heights and preventing accidental falls. If you also are searching for a full-body harness, contact United Ventures. At United Ventures, we offer a wide range of full-body harnesses. All our products are quality-checked so that they not only fulfil but also go beyond the necessary safety needs. We are committed to offering the workers a safe work environment. So feel free to contact us if there are any similar needs.

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